École Broxton Park
School (K–9)

Our School

Principal: Treena Neumann
Student Population: 950

505 McLeod Avenue
Spruce Grove, AB
T7X 2Y5

Phone: 780-962-0212
Fax: 780-962-0365
Email: broxtonpark@psd70.ab.ca

Attendance Area

Fusion: a word chosen by students represents the coming together of four unique programs as one school community. Unity among programs means that the school is a place where students learn to honour and work with others in a diverse world. Every students' talents and abilities are allowed to shine and the whole community shares in their experiences.

Our Students

Our students are recognized for their individual successes and strengths as well as their collaborative endeavours. They are celebrated for their individuality, their personal commitment to learning, and their willingness to lead through service. Staff facilitates quality learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, providing opportunities for students to succeed in all areas of their development.

Unique Features of Broxton School Include:

  • Four unique program offerings allowing all students to embrace diversity
  • Focus on developing strong, mindful relationships that create positive school experiences
  • Focus on improved literacy instruction in French and English
  • Collaboration among all staff and students to promote physical and mental wellness and resiliency 
  • Exploratory courses and opportunities for students to participate in self-directed learning activities
  • Focus on music education - both curricular and extracurricular
  • Emphasis on student leadership
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative at the junior high level

What Makes Us Proud

  • Our positive staff, the energy and enthusiasm they exude and their commitment to students
  • Through partnership, the involvement of school and community members in the important work of learning
  • A collaborative approach among students, staff and parents in implementing important initiatives
  • The fact that guests to our school comment on the inviting and respectful atmosphere