École Broxton Park
School (K–9)

Options Courses

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! This year we are offering a variety of CTF courses (options) to expand your child’s knowledge and provide them with opportunities to experience something new.

Our CTF options are all either based on Alberta Education approved courses or are locally developed courses with specific learning outcomes. They are a way to explore different subjects and activities that students may want to pursue in the future.

Students will select their preferred options via an online form. Any student who does not have internet access or has not completed the form for any other reason will be guided through the process at school. 

We always try to place students in their first choice of options, but there are courses that become oversubscribed every year. We work on a case-by-case basis using first, second and third choices, student need, individual situation, and other factors to reach a fair outcome.

Options fees must be paid by the second week of each course for students to participate. There is a free option choice every term. 

2020-2021 CTF Options

Globetrotting 101 (M. Krayenhoff)

It’s a big world out there and it’s great to get out in it!  Students will explore a variety of travel destinations around the world and then build a plan for how to travel safely and affordably. All that’s needed is a piece of technology and a sense of adventure!

Gym Jam (Mme Middleton / Mlle Graff)

Get ready to build your fitness and then put it to good use in some most excellent and unusual games in the gym and outside! Each class will include a different workout and a new game. Proper footwear is needed every week, as well as outdoor clothing if you are taking this option during winter months. 

ImprovisatioNation (Mme Inglis)

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come one, come all to a class full of theatre games helping students learn to work with each other and practice specific skills, such as the use of their voices, focus, body movement and characterization. Students will learn to use improvisation skills to convey meaning, entertain their class and have fun.

Foods (Mme Prophète)

Do you like eating food? Well, then this option could be for you! Students will learn about how to handle food safely, budget for a meal, shop for groceries, and yes - even make some recipes! Come eat!

Español Por Favor! (Mme Prophète)

Buenos días chicos. Do you like languages? I guess yes! You speak English, you speak French. In this option, you will learn the most common and useful expressions in Spanish for everyday conversation, useful for your next trip to Mexico or Spain. In addition, you can sing in Spanish and even bailar (dance)!

Game On! (M. Krayenhoff)

Everybody loves a good game, but why limit yourself to being a player of a game? Students will explore board games and simple computer games in order to build a game of their own through crafting, rule-making, and coding!

Home Ec’ or Get Wrecked (Mme Middleton and Mlle Graff)

This option is sew cool. Knitting or crocheting, cross-stitch or embroidery, weaving or macrame, and even some etiquette! Get ready to try something new that is probably very old.  

STEM (Mme McKeever)

Do you know what STEM stands for? Would you like to learn? Students will learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math by solving challenges and creating new things in this option. This hands-on class also includes creating and presenting your very own science fair project! Get ready to discover!

Art (Mme McKeever)

Explore colour, line and composition. Experience art throughout the ages. Learn basic techniques in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional perspective. Work with different media: pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and sculpture. Come create! 

It’s Not Just Sports… (Mme Inglis)

Sports games, lawn games and recreational activities. This option has a little bit of everything when it comes to being active. Proper footwear is needed every week, and outdoor clothing if you are taking this option during winter months. 

For more information contact:
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