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School Council Agenda & Minutes

Here is the agenda for the upcoming School Council AGM this Thursday at 7 p.m. and the minutes from the September meeting. You will also find previous minutes and agendas posted on our website. If you need help finding them, please let our office know.


École Broxton Park School School Council AGM Agenda Thursday, October 19th 7pm The Learning Commons
What is School Council? School Councils were legislated in the School Act in 1995. They are a group made up of primarily parents. It includes administration, teachers and may also include community members and students. The purpose of School Council is to support and enhance student learning and most importantly to advise the principal and the school board on matters pertaining to the school. In other words, we need your voice, your thoughts, your opinions, your feedback on decisions that are being made in our school and in our division. It is an inclusive environment, no experience necessary and it is a great learning environment for parents new to the school or have been around for years. You have an important role to play! 1. Welcome
2. Approval of the Agenda and Minutes from May and September
3. Board News: Our Trustees attend almost every meeting to share information and get feedback on education/board matters. (10 – 15 min)
4. Principal’s Report: (20 – 25 min)
5. Action/Discussion Items: * Elections: All positions are available. There are 5 elected positions on our executive: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Key Communicator and Volunteer Coordinator. If you are running for a position, please be prepared just to take 30 seconds or so to tell the group a bit about yourself. We don’t always know everyone, but we would like to have a little information to go on when we vote. * Roving School Council – Brainstorming and question selections
6. Reports: -CPF (Canadian Parents for French) (5 min) -FIMESPAF (the fundraising association for the school) (5 min)
It is expected that the School Council Chairperson will be a parent of a student attending the school.
The Chairperson of the School Council will:
• Chair all meetings of the School Council
• Coordinate with the Principal to establish meeting agendas
• Communicate with the principal on a regular basis
• Call regular School Council meetings
• Decide all matters relating to rules of order at the meetings
• Follow existing School Council operating procedures
• Ensure that minutes are recorded and maintained
• Have general supervision of all activities of the School Council
• Be the official spokesperson of the School Council
• Ensure there is regular communication with the school community, beyond those who attend meetings
• Stay informed about school board policy that impacts School Council
• Prepare an annual report in conformance with the Regulations
Vice Chairperson
The Vice-Chairperson of the School Council will:
• In the event of resignation, incapacity or leave of absence of the Chair, fulfill the Chair’s
• In the absence of the Chair, supervise the affairs and preside at any meetings of the School Council
• Work with and support the Chair in agenda preparation
• Promote teamwork and assist the Chair in the smooth running of the meetings
• Keep informed of relevant school and school board policies
• Aid the Chair and undertake tasks assigned by the Chair
The Secretary of the School Council will:
• Act as a recorder at each meeting and ensure the minutes accurately reflect the directions agreed to at
the School Council meeting
• Keep minutes, correspondence, records and other School Council documents
• In the absence of the secretary, the School Council shall choose a recording secretary for the meeting.
Key Communicator
The Key Communicator of the School Council will:
• In cooperation with the Principal and School Council Executive, compose correspondences such as the
Parent Press and Newsletter inserts to be shared with the school community.
Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator of the School Council will:
• Assist Council needs by contacting willing volunteers to help at School Council events
• Maintain a master list of volunteers who would like to be involved in School Council-specific

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